William The Conqueror – William The Conqueror EP


a2152252501_10.jpgA lovely little 5 track EP from the artist formerly known as Ruarri Joseph. Although edging for a slightly different sound it still has strong overtones of the typical Ruarri sound.

The Bandcamp page describes the music as “raw guitars, roomy drums, honky pianos and scuffed bluesy vocals cutting through the bullshit with wit and wisdom.”

I hope this is the beginning of a more extensive body of recordings, as I would like to fully understand where things are heading for this incredibly talented artist.

This is a personal EP and I’m sure there are rich and colourful stories behind each and every one of these carefully thought out tunes. All 5 tracks are very distinct and each in a different style; Tend To The Thorns is an indie rock number, Sinful Gladly is a bluesy number with epic slide guitar & harmonica moments and Señora is lilting gypsy ska tune – Yet it all fits together and makes sense as a coherent package. It’s testament to William as a skilled songwriter.

A native to Cornwall, I get the impression William is a bit of a hermit who only leaves his shell to ply his trade, but you know he will be soon be itching to get back in his shell where the fire is warm and the faces familiar.

‘Señora’ and ‘Just How High’ are the stand out tracks for me.

Oh, did I mention that the EP comes not only on CD but in a beautiful 10″ vinyl!!!

Listen here:



Queens Of The Stone Age – “…Like Clockwork”

...Like ClockworkSeeing as this is my first post I want to be clear on things… this isn’t to set the tone for taste of things to come. 

Although I have always been aware of Queens Of The Stone Age, I hadn’t ever paid much attention to them. Nothing they had ever put out really grabbed my attention. There were a few songs that I was familiar with but nothing to win me over… then this album came out.

There is something about this album that I can’t quite put my finger on, something a bit mysterious in the sound of it (And I f**king love that!). It’s not ‘rock’n’roll’ as I have previously known it.

What I CAN put my finger on though is that it’s a mixture of well produced, well written rock songs with curve balls thrown in to stem any feelings of repetitiveness that so many artists can verge on now days. Each song has its own identity and I feel excited as soon as I hear the intro of each new track with the volume edging up ever so slightly each time…

The mixture of some electronic instruments in the mix works really well and the guitar (bass included) playing is phenomenal! The drums sound exactly like all rock drums should sound and I can’t fault the vocals one bit.

This isn’t going be news to anyone who has heard the album and it isn’t a particularly original beginning to a blog that will cover some more obscure releases in the near future – but I had to come out and say it to someone – I like (love) Queens Of The Stone Age (their new album at least… time for me to dig out some of their old stuff now).

My 2 highlights on the album:
If I Had A Tail – (track 4)
Smooth Sailing – (track 8)

My 2 lowlights on the album:
I listen to it so often I am worried I will get sick of it.
I now have to face that I might have been wrong about a band for a few years.