The Equatorial Group – The Broadoak Sessions


All of you music supervisors working on your Independent film scores take note of The Equatorial Group.

Nothing impresses me more than a band that can actually play live in a studio environment, and these guys can play!

I hear all sorts of influences in their sound, the main ones that come straight to my mind are Pink Floyd, Fairport Convention, Gary Jules and even a bit of Chris Rea in places. For all you guitar heads out there, check 6.43 for a very tasteful slide solo by guitarist Dave Davies (Red SG, medicine bottle slide – I think we have a Derek Trucks fan!).

Lead singer Helen Weeks has a superbly unique, rich and distinctive voice which adds to the bands ethereal haunting feel.

I’ll be keeping my special eye on these guys!

Check them out:




BJ Barham -Rockingham


There is something so honest about this music that should speak to every person’s inner being. I have no doubt if you went to a BJ Barham show it would sound near enough exactly like the record – Honest, well written and well executed.

BJ’s debut solo album ‘Rockingham’ is a gritty Americana album from someone I don’t know a whole lot about… yet. Released in the UK on Brighton’s At The Helm Records (Also home to Hans Chew & Daniel Meade – Check them both out).

It’s the sort of album I can imagine preceding a supervision of a film soundtrack or television soundtrack – Bear McCreary style.

Fuck it, just go and buy the album, put some headphones on, lie down and listen. You’ll find yourself thinking about your first love, future love, happiness and despair.

As BJ says himself, “the most valuable thing you can give someone’s your time” – And this is well worth the 32 minutes. You won’t regret it (if you do, you’re wrong).

(I wrote this whilst drinking beer and watching Bridget Jones… things got passionate)

BJ Barham
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BJBarhamNC
Website: http://www.bjbarham.com

Queens Of The Stone Age – “…Like Clockwork”

...Like ClockworkSeeing as this is my first post I want to be clear on things… this isn’t to set the tone for taste of things to come. 

Although I have always been aware of Queens Of The Stone Age, I hadn’t ever paid much attention to them. Nothing they had ever put out really grabbed my attention. There were a few songs that I was familiar with but nothing to win me over… then this album came out.

There is something about this album that I can’t quite put my finger on, something a bit mysterious in the sound of it (And I f**king love that!). It’s not ‘rock’n’roll’ as I have previously known it.

What I CAN put my finger on though is that it’s a mixture of well produced, well written rock songs with curve balls thrown in to stem any feelings of repetitiveness that so many artists can verge on now days. Each song has its own identity and I feel excited as soon as I hear the intro of each new track with the volume edging up ever so slightly each time…

The mixture of some electronic instruments in the mix works really well and the guitar (bass included) playing is phenomenal! The drums sound exactly like all rock drums should sound and I can’t fault the vocals one bit.

This isn’t going be news to anyone who has heard the album and it isn’t a particularly original beginning to a blog that will cover some more obscure releases in the near future – but I had to come out and say it to someone – I like (love) Queens Of The Stone Age (their new album at least… time for me to dig out some of their old stuff now).

My 2 highlights on the album:
If I Had A Tail – (track 4)
Smooth Sailing – (track 8)

My 2 lowlights on the album:
I listen to it so often I am worried I will get sick of it.
I now have to face that I might have been wrong about a band for a few years.