Son Of Dave – Blues At The Grand


An upbeat album from the ex ‘Crash Test Dummies’ member who has been going it alone since the 90’s. This is the first time he has decided to invite extra band members into what would typically be a one-man show. This formula works well in terms of creating attractive songs, but dilutes the attitude and power that I would associate with this harp blown’, foot stompin’ son-of-a-gun!

This album is a funky little number really, without any filler or glaringly bad points to it. A departure from the familiar, but an entirely different beast and perhaps a bit unfair to compare the two. It’s fun and frisky with tracks like ‘Titty Shake’ and album artwork to suggest that you are about to embark on an album released by some blues fixated private investigator who has had too many late nights and cold cups of coffee steakin’ out a joint.

This is exactly the type of album I would have had on repeat in the car, especially through those hot summer days. This might still be my 2014 summer soundtrack – but only time can tell!

My 2 highlights on the album
-‘They Let Too Many People In’ is probably the best track
-‘It’s good to see SoD experiment with a full band

My 2 lowlights on the album
– No real identifiable single(s) – (Ok maybe the track mentioned above!)
– The female vocal harmonies sometimes leave a bitter taste in my mouth.