Skeewiff – The Skee Will Wiff Itself EP.

14107836_1404743186222048_8142618512551522212_oWhen Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote their classic ‘What’s That Smell’ I wonder if they were anticipating the Wiff that Skee brought to the party?

This tasty little 3 track mashup EP of past ‘wiff tunes in celebration of their new Bandcamp page, where, it seems, you can explore and buy the whole Skeewiff back catalogue… and find the parents/donors of this EP.

This EP builds from good to great, finishing with arguably the best track last.  Having said that, track 2 is an absolute blast with a cavorting Quincy Jones sample layered beneath the hypnotising vocals of Rayna.

This EP is well worth a listen, and whilst on their Bandcamp page take the time to listen to some of their older material, including ‘Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom’ and who can go wrong with a Greatest Hits album…!!!

Skeewiff on:



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