Dizraeli And The Small Gods – Moving In The Dark

Image‘Moving In The Dark’ is a little bit tricky to get into at first and you have to listen to this album a few times to extract the gems from it – and there are some great ones in there.

Being more familiar with Dizraeli’s debut studio album, ‘Engurland (City Shanties)’ I was expecting something very similar before I heard ‘Moving In The Dark’, but it didn’t initially grab me in the same way or with the same strength as the material I had fallen in love with.

‘Moving In The Dark’ feels like it has much more influence from eastern music verging on dissonance (to my western ears!) and musical soundscapes. Eastern influence & musical soundscapes are not by any means negative things, but they are flavours I personally prefer when used in moderation – The phrase “Less is more” springs to mind.

The song writing isn’t as consistently strong as I was hoping it would be. Tracks like ‘There Was A Rapper’ and the incredible single ‘Never Mind’ seem to hark back to the sound that initially attracted me to Dizraeli, but tracks like ‘Sailor’ and ‘A Trick Of The Moon’ are slightly overworked filler that rely on their obscurity to give them their personality.

This being said, I continued through it a few times and I did begin to enjoy it – but it’s no real match to Dizraeli’s older material.

My 2 highlights on the album:
– The incredible track ‘Nevermind’ is a beacon of shining light that almost solely keeps me coming back to this album.
– The penultimate track ‘Little Things’ is a very heartfelt and honest song that gives you a fascinating silver-tongued insight into Dizraeli and his families lives.

My 2 lowlights on the album
– The overall tonality of this album keeps me from enjoying it as much as I want to. It spirals off into unfamiliar and uncomfortable areas all too often.
– ‘Pure And Simple’ – I don’t see the purpose of this track!


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